Saturday, December 09, 2006


I got the question today.
If there was one song, one single song you would want everybody to hear. A song that could change the world. Witch one would that be? It was so easy..
If you dont already know Sidsel Endresen, you have a whole world of bliss awayting you...
And if you need one good argument to dare yourself out in the frenetic desperate, utterly scaring jungle of christmasshopping zombies. Fix your eyes on the nearest recordstore, and aim for Duplex ride.
Or just visit Jazzland. Its such a good place.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Not from Israel, but one of my favarite pasttime Sweedes.
A former sportman who moved on to radio, and from radio to country, often reffered to as swedens Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard.
I have uploaded five tracks to rapidshare.
Most of Cackas hits were covers of wellknown american sentimental countrysongs sung (in Norway also referred to as "prunes") in his own language, but here youll also find "Home on The Ranch" sung in dark beatiful Sweenglish (love the way he´s pronouncing ranch, exept from that his English is actually not so bad, probably better than mine).

1.Gamla Svarten
2.Tom Dooley
3.En Sliten Grimma
4.Home On The Ranch

They are here..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


......I have gathered some of my favorite old scandinavian music (1940-1970) on this compile, originally for Ian & Uri, but it seems like they also ended up here since it is the 15th today, and I could feel on my artrisis that the world is in a desperate urgent need of getting to know more of what is laying on the bottom of the scandinavian sonic coffin.
Most of the tracks are Norwegian or Swedish this time, some are covers. All the Norwegian ones are music I was raving mad about in my childhood. (the prior old sentimental toothless senile biddy or drunken heartbroken sailor never got totally erased out of my soul when being reborn)
I did however realize when looking through my music that I hardly have any Danish oldies. I should do something about that.

well, here goes
1. Daiga-daiga-duu A-L Ingemansson (S/Fin)
Sweedens finest! A devine voice, as sung from heaven above, often performed with her dog.
From UBU web, 365 days project, (where you can find her Oxdragorsang): "Sweden's finest, and a pioneer of do-it-yourself record-making. Anna-Lisa ran a pedicure-salon in Stockholm, and in her spare time she hired musicians and studios to make records (on which she was often joined by her poodle on the covers) released on her own ALI-label. Anna-Lisa refused to be tied up to the conventional rules of snobby things like rhythm, tempo and staying in tune, and on her records you can hear how the musicians grow more and more desperate trying to follow Anna-Lisa's crusades into new and unexplored musical fields. Her repertoire was based on covers."
2. Mördande Tango 3:40 Ambros Seelos Orchestra (S)
3. Lili Marlén 2:12 Anna-Lisa Ingemansson (S/Fin)
4. joik 1:43 Ante (N)
From the Norwegian Childrens Drama, "Ante" witch was made in 1974, and showd over and over again at Norvegian Riks Kringkasting during the 70ties and 80ties. A political project to empower the sami people and culture. Sing this song to any norwegian 30 something (not me), and they are in your spell copletely, even though they have no memberence of the story.

Lyrics Antesangen:"Man-ne gal' gá æd-ni gán' da læt nu biv-nut-jå. Hå-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá låi-låi-lá

Refr. Håi - lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá låi-lái-lá Håi - lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá-lá låi-lá låi-lái-lá
Gå dan gabb'ba bæska biddjala ja båddjelii de dat baddjeniedat birra jåradæmen - jå refr.
Gå dan l´d'degávti biddjala jå baddjelii de
dat dálo-nieidat birra jåradæmen - jå refr.
Gå dan alit dræssa biddjala jå baddjelii de
dat riv' guniedat birra jåradæmen - jå" refr.

5. Den siste moikaner 2:49 Arne Bendiksen (N)
6. Zambesi 3:14 Cacka Israelsson (S)
7. I en sal på hospitalet 4:33 Frem fra glemselen (N)
8. Lys i lampen 2:59 Frem fra glemselen (N)
9. Trad. folkvisa 1:40 Gammelfarmor vid hemorgeln (S)
10. Gunnar póstur 3:07 Haukur Morthens (I)
11. Senoritataturatatei 3:02 Herberth/Kristian Haugers Orkester (N)
12. Runka mig med vita handskar på 2:20 Johnny & Lillemor (S)
("Wank me off with white gloves on" Something as exotic & hillarious as a pornografic tangomarch from Johnny Bode & Lillemor Dahlquists first album released in 1968. Bordell Mammas visor was also released in German & English. Albums for sale here)

13. Mors Kära Små Händer 2:43 Lapp-Lisa (S)
14. pølsemaker, pølsemaker 2:39 Leif Juster (N)
15. jeg vil ha en liten hund 2:07 Lille eris (N)
16. Det Som Skjer, Det Skjer 3:03 Nora Brockstedt (N)
17. Sussebass 2:46 Oslo harmoni kvartett (N)
18. Sateenkaaren Tuolla Puolen 3:19 Reijo Taipale (Fin)
19. Takaisin Pekingiin 2:36 Suomen talvisota 1939-1940 (Fin)

Serving is here.
Come on you old bastards, ghools and morfars, get on your cnockles, and wheel your rullator over to the headnurse, and get your lovely delicious serving of steved old svandinavian classics. Bon Apetit!

(I´m a total sucker for foreign language covers, pleas contact me if you have/ know of any good. And I truly recomend the 4 sessions og Foreign Language Fun by this guy)
yours truly
forever young;
Doctor S

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Got my office, where are my patients?

Not really started my practice yet, or decided if I will ever start, but you look terrible already, so for starters, while youre avaitening treatment; take theese 29 jagged little pills; a heavy dose of FEMALE AUDIOPROZAC a little coctail I´ve mixed up for me and my friens at to cure serious autumn depression and prevent early menopause for all sexes.
N.B: Not really to be taken orally or anally. Digestion through your ears, and forgive me writing english like with my ass(but I´m a lazy perverted scandinavian, so thats what I prefere to do)

CONTAINS (in haphazard order):
-Wenche myhre "gi meg en cowboy til mann" 2:29mg
-The McGuire Sisters "Achoo Cha Cha" 2:19mg
-Loretta Lynn "These Boots Are Made For Walking" 2:22mg
-Magali Noël "Fais-Moi Mal Johnny" 2:24mg Magali Noël
-The De Zurik Sisters/Cacle Sisters "The Arizona Yodeler " 2:26mg
-Ethel Merman "Anything You Can Do" 3:10mg
-Myrna March "Fandango" 3:46mg
-Erika Eigen "I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" 1:04mg
-Pinky Chicks "Yopparata Ojousan" 4:00mg
-Carmen Miranda "Chica Chica Bun Chic" 2:18mg
-Sickan Carlsson M/ Lasse Dahlqust "Oh, What A Big, Big Boy" 2:48mg
-Karin Krog "Sånn Lager Man Pop-Plater" 2:36mg
-Eartha Kitt "Cha Cha Heels" 6:39mg
-Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards "Fever" 3:03mg
-Grace Chang "Too Happy for Words (Jajambo)" 2:40mg
-Nora Brockstedt "A Tisket A Tasket" 1:52mg
-Nora Brockstedt "Voi Voi - Nora Brockstedt" 2:14mg
-Eartha Kitt "C'mon a my House!" 2:01mg
-Oslo harmoni kvartett "sussebass" 2:46mg
-Caterina Valente "Tipitipiti-tipitipitipso" 2:36mg
-Billie Hayes "Oranges Smoranges" 1:01mg
-Myrna March "Love Is Coming My Way" 2:44mg
-Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren "Goodness Gracious Me" 3:02mg
-Shirley Bassey "Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me)" 1:58mg
-Karin Krog "Watermelon Man Remix" 3:33mg
-Mrs. Miller "Groovy Kind of Love" 2:07 mg
-Peggy Lee "Manana" 2:52 mg
-Puppini Sisters "heart of glass " 2:58mg

Pick up at Rapidshare farmacy
(refreshed 15.11)

-Marvelous Myrna found and downloaded at Unpleasant
- Kay Martin and her bodyguards at The Groove Grotto
- Sophia L. and Peter S. at Dans Mon Cafe
- Pinky Chicks at jsound
Bruce for Erica, Fran for Grace, Kanga K for scan, Battlecat for various of trash)