Sunday, October 15, 2006

Got my office, where are my patients?

Not really started my practice yet, or decided if I will ever start, but you look terrible already, so for starters, while youre avaitening treatment; take theese 29 jagged little pills; a heavy dose of FEMALE AUDIOPROZAC a little coctail I´ve mixed up for me and my friens at to cure serious autumn depression and prevent early menopause for all sexes.
N.B: Not really to be taken orally or anally. Digestion through your ears, and forgive me writing english like with my ass(but I´m a lazy perverted scandinavian, so thats what I prefere to do)

CONTAINS (in haphazard order):
-Wenche myhre "gi meg en cowboy til mann" 2:29mg
-The McGuire Sisters "Achoo Cha Cha" 2:19mg
-Loretta Lynn "These Boots Are Made For Walking" 2:22mg
-Magali Noël "Fais-Moi Mal Johnny" 2:24mg Magali Noël
-The De Zurik Sisters/Cacle Sisters "The Arizona Yodeler " 2:26mg
-Ethel Merman "Anything You Can Do" 3:10mg
-Myrna March "Fandango" 3:46mg
-Erika Eigen "I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" 1:04mg
-Pinky Chicks "Yopparata Ojousan" 4:00mg
-Carmen Miranda "Chica Chica Bun Chic" 2:18mg
-Sickan Carlsson M/ Lasse Dahlqust "Oh, What A Big, Big Boy" 2:48mg
-Karin Krog "Sånn Lager Man Pop-Plater" 2:36mg
-Eartha Kitt "Cha Cha Heels" 6:39mg
-Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards "Fever" 3:03mg
-Grace Chang "Too Happy for Words (Jajambo)" 2:40mg
-Nora Brockstedt "A Tisket A Tasket" 1:52mg
-Nora Brockstedt "Voi Voi - Nora Brockstedt" 2:14mg
-Eartha Kitt "C'mon a my House!" 2:01mg
-Oslo harmoni kvartett "sussebass" 2:46mg
-Caterina Valente "Tipitipiti-tipitipitipso" 2:36mg
-Billie Hayes "Oranges Smoranges" 1:01mg
-Myrna March "Love Is Coming My Way" 2:44mg
-Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren "Goodness Gracious Me" 3:02mg
-Shirley Bassey "Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me)" 1:58mg
-Karin Krog "Watermelon Man Remix" 3:33mg
-Mrs. Miller "Groovy Kind of Love" 2:07 mg
-Peggy Lee "Manana" 2:52 mg
-Puppini Sisters "heart of glass " 2:58mg

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(refreshed 15.11)

-Marvelous Myrna found and downloaded at Unpleasant
- Kay Martin and her bodyguards at The Groove Grotto
- Sophia L. and Peter S. at Dans Mon Cafe
- Pinky Chicks at jsound
Bruce for Erica, Fran for Grace, Kanga K for scan, Battlecat for various of trash)