Sunday, October 15, 2006

Got my office, where are my patients?

Not really started my practice yet, or decided if I will ever start, but you look terrible already, so for starters, while youre avaitening treatment; take theese 29 jagged little pills; a heavy dose of FEMALE AUDIOPROZAC a little coctail I´ve mixed up for me and my friens at to cure serious autumn depression and prevent early menopause for all sexes.
N.B: Not really to be taken orally or anally. Digestion through your ears, and forgive me writing english like with my ass(but I´m a lazy perverted scandinavian, so thats what I prefere to do)

CONTAINS (in haphazard order):
-Wenche myhre "gi meg en cowboy til mann" 2:29mg
-The McGuire Sisters "Achoo Cha Cha" 2:19mg
-Loretta Lynn "These Boots Are Made For Walking" 2:22mg
-Magali Noël "Fais-Moi Mal Johnny" 2:24mg Magali Noël
-The De Zurik Sisters/Cacle Sisters "The Arizona Yodeler " 2:26mg
-Ethel Merman "Anything You Can Do" 3:10mg
-Myrna March "Fandango" 3:46mg
-Erika Eigen "I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" 1:04mg
-Pinky Chicks "Yopparata Ojousan" 4:00mg
-Carmen Miranda "Chica Chica Bun Chic" 2:18mg
-Sickan Carlsson M/ Lasse Dahlqust "Oh, What A Big, Big Boy" 2:48mg
-Karin Krog "Sånn Lager Man Pop-Plater" 2:36mg
-Eartha Kitt "Cha Cha Heels" 6:39mg
-Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards "Fever" 3:03mg
-Grace Chang "Too Happy for Words (Jajambo)" 2:40mg
-Nora Brockstedt "A Tisket A Tasket" 1:52mg
-Nora Brockstedt "Voi Voi - Nora Brockstedt" 2:14mg
-Eartha Kitt "C'mon a my House!" 2:01mg
-Oslo harmoni kvartett "sussebass" 2:46mg
-Caterina Valente "Tipitipiti-tipitipitipso" 2:36mg
-Billie Hayes "Oranges Smoranges" 1:01mg
-Myrna March "Love Is Coming My Way" 2:44mg
-Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren "Goodness Gracious Me" 3:02mg
-Shirley Bassey "Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me)" 1:58mg
-Karin Krog "Watermelon Man Remix" 3:33mg
-Mrs. Miller "Groovy Kind of Love" 2:07 mg
-Peggy Lee "Manana" 2:52 mg
-Puppini Sisters "heart of glass " 2:58mg

Pick up at Rapidshare farmacy
(refreshed 15.11)

-Marvelous Myrna found and downloaded at Unpleasant
- Kay Martin and her bodyguards at The Groove Grotto
- Sophia L. and Peter S. at Dans Mon Cafe
- Pinky Chicks at jsound
Bruce for Erica, Fran for Grace, Kanga K for scan, Battlecat for various of trash)


Jonathan said...

Toi, c'est docteur; moi, c'est la fièvre. C'est la symbiose, ça.

Dr. Tot said...

Goodness Gracious Me!

funkygrooves said...

From New Delhi to Darjeeling
I have done my share of healing,
And I've never yet been beaten or outboxed,
I remember that with one jab
Of my needle in the Punjab
How I cleared up beriberi
And the dreaded dysentery,
But your complaint has got me really foxed.

funkygrooves said...

you are becoming sleepy, very, very sleepy...

jayKayEss said...

oj men vad trist... the download link doesn't work anymore. glad you're lovin' the myrna march.

Dr. Tot said...

huh? det må fikses. Trodde disse rapidsharelinkene lå for alltid. Hva kan man bruke istedet?

jayKayEss said...

prova på med istället

om du ladda upp igen albumet skicka meddl. och sen postar jag länket på också.

Dr. Tot said...

Its reloaded

Weirdomusic said...

Oh my goodness... can be this be.... no, realy, is it....??YESSSS, IT'S SUPERHELGA!!!

Superhelga said...

In the swetty cold rotten palms of the ghost of the unspeakable & unmerciful dr.tot...

Sander said...

Wow... this collection surely cures any form of downblobz. Thanx!!!!

nomwl1 said...

Doctor, doctor!

I'm not female, but I think I still need the AudioProzac!

Superhelga said...

Ofcause. Its not for females only, on the contruary. In my perfect society you men have lovely long sobby breasths and monthly moodswings, and I have a greasy long twisted moustage with crumbles and hot gorgious ginger hairy back. So please... Be my guest. Estrogen is very good for you. And if there is anything else you feel you could need, me and my bairded nurses are allways available at the electric IR.

Lush said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! Great blog!

siys said...

I'm curious about the three missing tracks:
-Loretta Lynn "These Boots Are Made For Walking" 2:22mg
-Sickan Carlsson M/ Lasse Dahlqust "Oh, What A Big, Big Boy" 2:48mg
-Billie Hayes "Oranges Smoranges" 1:01mg
And, the three new one's not listed on the playlist
20 Musik Skall Byggas Utav Glädje.m4a
Sucu Sucu.m4a
02 Fritiof&Carmencita.m4a
Can you please provide more info on these last three tracks and perhaps re-upload the missing three?
THANKS - Great Stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the tracks best I can figure them out:

A L Ingemansson - Fritiof & Carmencita.m4a
Carmen Miranda - Chica Chica Bun Chic 2006.m4a
Caterina Valente - Sucu Sucu.m4a
Caterina Valente - Tipitipiti-tipitipitipso 1957.m4a
De Zurik Sisters Aka Cackle Sisters - The Arizona Yodeler.m4a
Eartha Kitt - Cha Cha Heels 2000.m4a
Eartha Kitt - C'mon A My House 1965.m4a
Erika Eigen - I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper 1972.m4a
Ethel Merman - Anything You Can Do 1988.m4a
Grace Chang - Too Happy For Words (Jajambo).m4a
Karin Krog - Sann Lager Man Pop-Plater 2005.m4a
Karin Krog - Watermelon Man Remix 2005.m4a
Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards - Fever.m4a
Lill Lindfors - Musi Skall Bygggas Ulav Gladje 1978.m4a
Magali No‰l Fais - Fais-moi Mal Johnny 2001.m4a
Mcguire Sisters - Achoo Cha Cha 2005.m4a
Mrs Miller - Groovy Kind Of Love.m4a
Myrna March - Love Is Coming My Way.mp3
Myrna March - Fandango.mp3
Nora Brockstedt - A Tisket A Tasket 1995.m4a
Nora Brockstedt - Voi Voi 2004.m4a
Oslo Harmoni Kvartett - Sussebass.m4a
Peggy Lee - Manana.m4a
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren - Goodness Gracious Me.m4a
Pinky Chicks - Yopparata Ojousan 1968.m4a
Puppini Sisters - Heart Of Glass 2006.m4a
Shirley Bassey - Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me).m4a
Wenche Myhre - Gi Meg En Cowboy Til Mann.m4a