Friday, January 26, 2007

Ach. That nasty doctor, shes been lazy lately. But then again, all you patients seem to be doing so fine and dandy. Or maybe youve all just OD´d on valium (where did you get that, bastards. That was mine!). I think this must be so, cause the screaming, banging and scratching on the wall in the waiting room stopped several weeks ago.
I take that as a sign youre all relaxed and recovering.
The smell is terrible though, maybe I should go and check one day. If only I could find the key..
Now, where did I leave the key? Under my martini?

I´ve also been doing a little horsevhispering, pawiacure and carnivor chrystal healing in America lately, and am seriously concidering to open up a kennel and veterenaric geriatric spa in Florida. Please let me introduce you to some of my old american favorite custumers, most of them companied by their pale fiddelin cowboy & yodeling cowbiddy owners.
All originally gathered together, washed and broomed in November to celebrate my own favorite carnivore´s birthday.

In lack of a better name, this collection is named
Dr. DooHelgas favorite old american clients

okey, lets let Roy Rogers & Trigger dance a little to that

Part One:
- The Chicken Yodel 1:43 aKerry Christensen
- Checker Board Time Intro (Ralston Purina Farm Products)/Old Dan Tucker/The First Whipporwill Song 3:46 DeZurik Sisters
- That Cat Is Hig 2:56 The Ink Spot
- My Poncho Pony 2:49 Patsy Montana Dr DooHelga
- Cowboy Night Herd Song 3:03 Roy Rogers
- Chinese Mule Train 3:11 Spike Jones
- Yodeling Mule 2:45 Three Tobacco Tags
- Go Along Mule 3:04 Uncle Dave Macon
- Black Rider 2:47 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
- Little Birdie 2:36 Coon Creek Girls

The Coon Creek Girls "Cacklin' Hen"

Part Two:
-Cuckoo Call 2:48 Peter Barry
-Six White Horses 3:03 Bill Monroe
-The Great Speckled Bird 2:13 Charlie Monroe's Boys
-Cry Of The Wild Goose 2:54 Frankie Laine
-Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel 2:09 Marvin Rainwater
-Bill Monroe / New Mule Skinner Blues 2:30 Bill Monroe
-Big Beaver 2:38 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
-Little White Duck 2:41 Danny Kaye
-Little Beaver 2:38 Homer Clemons & His Texas Swingbillies
-Big-Eyed Rabbit 2:50 Samantha Bumgarner And Eva Davis
-Carve That Possum 2:56 Uncle Dave Macon
-Box Car Willie - Mule train 3:35 Box Car Willy
-Mule Train 2:31 Frankie Laine
-What's New Pussycat 2:07 Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdi
-Tom Cat Blues 2:54 Cliff Carlisle
-Can't Buy Me Love 2:07 The Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble

All tracks, walking freely and happily in random order, to download
here(p1) and here(p2)


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eek! it's a frog said...

On behalf of your putrid clientele, I'd just like to say, I'd just like to, er... oh shit. I've forgotten. The munching maggots must have reached the bit of my brain that manages memory, and the fact that I can't even remember what that bit of the brain is called is just further proof of maggot damage. Do you think if I spray 'em with diet pill solution they'll slow down?

eek! it's a frog said...

Well, after converting one of my miniature squirrel massage machines into a reasonably efficient maggot-pumper, I got the buggers to regurgitate a couple of crucial brain chunks, and it's now come back to me that what I was going to say was WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN US?!!

Or words to that effect.

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